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Amateur, high school, and international baseball games often have a mercy rule so that games end sooner when the lead is deemed to be insurmountable (e.g. by 10 runs after 5 innings). However, since the home team always gets one final at-bat if they are trailing, the visiting team can in theory score unlimited runs in the top half of the inning.

Test Drive Unlimited 100 Save Game 106

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One of the unique rules of curling allows for the losing team to concede a match at any time, thereby preventing blowouts from occurring. In fact, it is sometimes considered unsportsmanlike for a team that is losing badly to not concede. For some major events, a game must play a certain amount of ends to be considered complete. As a protest, some teams that would have conceded earlier in the match may not take the game seriously at that point.

In light of similar incidents, coaches are often accused of running up the score and taking the opportunity to humiliate and embarrass a weak opponent. At times, large margins of victory occur in games where the winning school's reserves (second-string and junior varsity players) played a good share of the contest and simply were able to score at will against the weaker opposition. However, when the star players are left in to set scoring records, as happened with Epiphanny Prince's 113-point basketball game in 2006, criticism usually follows.[43]

James Holzhauer was noted for his running up the score during his run on the game show Jeopardy!, continuing to make aggressive wagers even after it was clear the game was a "runaway" victory (a term used by the Jeopardy! fanbase), where even if the other two contestants bet all their winnings in Final Jeopardy!, they could not overcome Holzhauer's much-larger leading score at the end of Double Jeopardy!, with Holzhauer merely needed to bet the difference between him and the second-place winner, minus $1.


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